For non-emergency matters, you may e-mail.  This would be a great way to keep us up to date on repairs, safety issues, and rent payment.  Please sent Michele a test e-mail so we have your address.

Continue to call or text, especially for urgent matters.

For rent payment, e-mail Michele at <a href=””></a> Cell is 618-410-1048

For repairs and other issues, e-mail Kevin at <a href=””></a> Cell is 618-410-1047

We will have a new website by June 1<sup>st</sup> , same address, &lt;; .

We are providing more options to avoid paying the late fee of 10% late fee when your rent is not in the   P.O. Box by the 5<sup>th</sup>.  Some of you use “bill pay,” through most banks and usually free, ensure prompt payment to us.  By June 1<sup>st</sup>, you may begin calling in and placing your rent on your credit card.  We will have to charge $35.00 fee for credit card rent payments (this is still cheaper than a late fee).

A “Neighborhood Watch Meeting”  with Deputy Darin Fultz will be Monday, April 26, at 7 p.m. at the interior foyer of 2707 West Blvd.  Even if you do not live in that neighborhood, it would be worth your time to attend.  The meeting will last less than an hour and all households that attend will receive a $5 McDonald’s gift card.  You may have noticed increase police presence in that neighborhood.  This is due the strong cooperation we have with the Sheriff’s Department with our watch program.  Most of the landlords from that area will be attending an open to questions.

If you have central air conditioning, we will begin cleaning of your inside a-coil and outside compressor.   This will occur as we can fit them in Mondays – Fridays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.   On the Saturdays of May 1<sup>st</sup> and 15<sup>th</sup> , from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we will have our air conditioner specialists check the level of Freon.  We will need to enter your unit both times to keep you’re a/c cool and efficient for the summer.

Other items to please note;

Please make extra copies of your house key and give to someone you can access.  I may not be able to unlock you after  5 p.m.  for lost keys and lock out.  There is a charge for this.

Be gentle when using pull chain closet lights.  The string will pull out of the fixture easily.

We have a 3 bdrm home at 1206 N. Church for sale for under $70,000.00.

We have some upcoming 1,2, and 3 bdrms for rent in town ($50.00 referral applies).

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ,COOPERATION AND EFFORTS.  I enjoy being your landlord.  God Bless.