The Process

  • If you don't currently have Spectrum Equipment you will need to call the Community Solutions department at 833.697.7328 to order your equipment. They will either deliver it to you within a day or you can tell them you would rather pick the equipment up at the Spectrum outlet close to you.
  • Once you receive the equipment you can either connect it yourself ( see instructions below ) or you can call Bruce at 618.624.4977 and schedule for him to connect the equipment for you. Usually within a day of your call.
  • If you connect it yourself you can either call Spectrum to activate your connection. Call 833.697.7328 and follow the instructions for activating your equipment OR you can download the MySpectrum app to your phone and activate your equipment from the app. Note that you will need your account number when setting up the app. Your account number can be found on the information sheet that is included with the equipment you ordered.

Procedure for Installing Spectrum Equipment

Connecting your Spectrum Equipment

  1. After unbox your router and modem plug them into an outlet close to your Spectrum coax connection.(Its best to get a power strip with multiple plugs)
  2. Connect the coax cable, which should have been provided by Spectrum, to the coax connection on the wall.
  3. Now connect the yellow ethernet cable to the yellow plugs on the back of both the modem and the router.(cable should be included with either the modem or the router) see image to the left
  4. Now you will need to Activate the connection. To do this contact the Spectrum Community Solutions department, 833.697.7328 and either follow the automated instructions or just ask for an agent to help you.
  5. Once you modem connection is Activated you can connect to your WIFI to whatever streaming device, smart phone or computer you like. You can get the Network name and password from the rear of the Router. There is also a QR code on the back to make the connection process even easier.
  6. NOTE: If you are connecting a Spectrum Set Top Box in addition to your modem and router you will need to install the coax splitter(see image to the right) which should have been provided by Spectrum and plug it into the coax connection on the wall and then plug the modem into one port on the splitter and the TV set top box to the other connection on the splitter. 
  7. If you already had Spectrum activate your connection you should not have to do anything. If you have not activated it yet then call the Spectrum Community Solution department and tell them you are connecting both your internet and TV box.

NOTE: It could take up to an hour for your TV picture to adjust to the correct settings, such as aspect ratio, etc.

If you have any Billing questions or issues please call Kevin at 618.410.1047

or send him a message by clicking on the button to the right

Spectrum Cable – Channel Line Up


Spectrum Channel Line up pg 1
Spectrum Channel Line up pg 2